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Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2008. As part of our yearlong anniversary celebration, a series of articles featuring stories and photographs of the people and events that played an important role in the growth and success of our congregation. Click below to read each month’s article. Many thanks to our Archives Committee members Ian Hartfield, Carol Olsen, Joyce Templeton and Chet Worm for their research and work to write this series for the Good News.

"Abundantly Blessed with Vibrant Leadership"

The story of our founding pastor, the Rev. Henry W. Kuhns.

"Abundantly Blessed with Solid Roots"

Learn about some of our charter members.

"Abundantly Blessed with an Impressive First Home"

Learn about our first church home at 1210 Douglas St., which was dedicated on Feb. 16, 1862.

"Abundantly Blessed with the First Church Bell"

The story of our original church bell, which was placed in our first church building in 1862 and remains in use today.

"Abundant Blessings to Those Who Established Our Deep Roots"

The local gravesites of some of our founding members and founding pastor, the Rev. Henry Kuhns.

"Abundantly Blessed with an Impressive Second Home"

The story of our second church home, located at 16th and Harney.

"Abundantly Blessed with a New, Grander Third Home"

Learn about our third and present church home at 26th and Farnam Sts., which was dedicated in 1906.

"Abundantly Blessed with Service to Community, Nation"

Kountze has a long history of service to the community and to the world, including a commitment to our members who serve or have served in the military.

"Abundantly Blessed with the Young Men, Women of the Order of Saint John"

Kountze Memorial established the fourth chapter of the Order of Saint John in 1941. Young men and women have been serving in the Order ever since.

"Abundantly Blessed with Helping Hands"

Learn about the long, rich history of service by the women of Kountze Memorial.

"Abundantly Blessed with Mission Churches"

Learn about our praiseworthy record in mothering new churches during Omaha’s early growth years.

"Abundantly Blessed with a Building for the Future"

Learn about the historical and current renovations, which have provided us with a church facility to worship, grow and serve for the next 150 years.