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The Christian life is one of repentance and reconciliation. We believe that God works to transform our human life, so that the powers of sin, fear, violence, and death over the human family do not and will not have the last word. This promise is given to us in the sacrament of Baptism.


Generally, our Sunday liturgy begins with an order of general confession and absolution. This reminds us of our brokenness and the need for God’s love. A general absolution is pronounced, so that we may not only begin worship with an awareness of our sins but also confident in the absolution and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and his merits proclaimed to us by the pastor.


At time in our lives, certain sins and guilt may weigh upon us. During these moments, private confession and absolution may be desired.


Private confession and absolution are available at any time by appointment with a pastor. During Lent, we are intentional about offering private confession after our Wednesday liturgies.


Anything shared with the pastor is held in absolute confidence under the seal of the confessional.


Confession and Counseling are two different things. In confession we hear of God’s power to break the bonds of sin and guilt. In counseling, we work with professionals to live in the new life God offers.


An order for private confession is provided in Luther’s Small Catechism and on the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (page 243-44).