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When Luther wrote the Small Catechism, the Lutheran reformers still considered private Confession as a sacrament. Thus, a description and template for confessing are included in the book. Later, Luther and others began to consider Confession an extension of the Sacrament of Baptism, wherein we hear again and are reminded of the divine promise to remove sin and transform the repentant.

While we do not list private Confession as sacrament, it still has a place in a vibrant and reflective Christian life. Luther reminds us that the whole of Christian life is to be one of repentance and reconciliation. We begin our worship with Confession and Absolution.

We are intentional about offering opportunities for private Confession during the season of Lent after the Vespers liturgies [link]. However, for those who wish, private Confession is available at any time by appointment with a Pastor [link].

Likewise, if you or a loved one are seriously ill, facing surgery, or dying and would like to receive prayers and anointing (James 5:14), please contact a Pastor.