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Youth Ministries

By bringing together people of all ages, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church Children, Youth, and Family Ministries strives to develop a caring community of young people who love God and love each other. Our worship, service, fellowship, outreach, and faith formation opportunities are designed to provide a strong spiritual foundation, equip families in transformational faith formation, and to create fellowship within the Body of Christ.

Middle School

Monthly fun, fellowship, and learning opportunities for youth in grades 6-8 include monthly bible studies, ice skating, lock-ins, swimming, bowling, local service projects, day trips to Worlds of Fun, and the annual NE Synod Middle School Gathering, which hosts nearly 200 Nebraska youth each winter, among many others! Middle School youth also participate in the annual Neighborhood Gathering, Church Picnic, and more!

High School Youth Forum

Sunday morning faith formation where students in grades 9-12 participate in Bible study, small group discussion, prayer, and team building. Guest speakers, music, crafts, and videos supplement the lessons.

High School

A large high school group meets regularly for fellowship activities, including lock-ins, laser tag, weekend retreats at Camp Carol Joy Holling, video game nights, pool parties, putt-putt golf and more! High School Youth also participate in annual church events, including Rally Day, the Neighborhood Gathering, Lutheran Youth Serve Omaha, and much more! We also feature regular Bible Studies and a variety of service projects within the church and throughout the community.

Young Adults

Meeting occasionally throughout the year, activities generally center on fellowship, learning, and enrichment. In addition, traditional worship services are held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at KMLC or in a mix of Taizé and traditional styles at Creighton University.

Order of Saint John

For 75 years, young people at Kountze Memorial have served as acolytes in worship through the Order of Saint John, providing life, energy, and leadership to our worship experience.  

The word “acolyte” means “companion” or “one who helps.” As a member of OSJ (grades 8-12), youth serve as companions to our pastors, by carrying the cross and torches in the processional, lighting candles on the altar, and assisting with the Children’s Sermon, Holy Communion, and Baptism, among others.

By participating in the Order of Saint John, youth are joining the ranks of those who have been helping with worship services since the year 250 A.D. At Kountze Memorial, the Order of St. John has been an integral part of our ministry since 1941 and currently has nearly 40 youth serving in its ranks.  

Here at KMLC, we are very proud of our history and are always looking for youth who are interested in serving in this important ministry.

Please contact the church office if you are interested at 402-341-7761 or info@kmlchurch.org.

Attention 8th Graders – For over 75 years, young people have served as acolytes in worship through the Order of Saint John (OSJ) at Kountze Memorial, providing leadership for our worship experience. OSJ members carry the processional cross, torches, gospel book, and banner.  In addition, OSJ members light candles, as well as assist the pastors at baptisms and Holy Communion.  Since it is your Confirmation year, the Order of Saint John sponsors invite you to train to assist in the Sunday church services.  Please contact an OSJ Sponsor to arrange a training time. You can call the church office (402-341-7761) for their contact information.

Mission Trips

Week-long high school (incoming 9th graders – graduating 12th graders) mission trips are the highlight of the year and traditionally feature Lutheran camp experiences, a variety of worship opportunities, service projects, outdoor adventure experiences, group building activities, sightseeing, Bible studies, prayer, and much more! Past trips include San Francisco, New Orleans, North Carolina, Montana, Boston, Salt Lake City, Detroit, and many more! Group size typically ranges from 25-35.


The KMLC Scholarship Program makes scholarship funds available to any eligible college-bound student member. Active members of Kountze Memorial planning or continuing to attend ANY college, university or seminary may submit an application. Additional eligibility requirements are noted on the application. Applications can be picked up in the Youth Center, Church Office, or downloaded at HERE

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE ANNUALLY ON MARCH 1. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

Please note: Scholarships are not automatically renewable and recipients must re-apply each year. Funds are sent directly to respective institutions.

Submit your applications, along with supporting documentation, by mail to KMLC, Attn Scholarship Committee, 2650 Farnam St., Omaha NE  68131; in person to the church office; by fax at 402-341-4841.